CliC Glasses

CliC Glasses

CliC glasses are fitted with a neodymium magnet, the most powerful and long-lasting magnet in the world. With a functioning life of approximately 150 years, it can resist wind speeds of 208 Km/h without popping open (tested in Harley Davidson’s wind tunnels).


All CliC glasses are fitted with an adjustable temple for increased flexibility.
CliC frames are suitable for any type of prescription lenses. CliC recommends its clients provide short and middle-distance lens fitting services.
CliC is a perfect example of practical design, available in a range of shapes, colours and materials. The CliC Flex Collection boasts a malleable rear section which allows for increased adaptability to fit each client’s needs.

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Medical device with CE mark that complies with the applicable legislation in force, Directive 93/42/EEC, Directive 2007/47/EC and RD 1591/2009 on medical devices.