Rocalina International

We’re a distributor of optical and sunglasses frames both in Spain and around the world. We adapt to an ever-changing market in order to provide you with unique products which will help make you stand out from the crowd.

Alternative, high-quality products to complete your existing range with the introduction of some of the optical sector’s leading brands.


We’re official distributors of the following brands:

CliC Glasses

CliC glasses are the authentic and original, front magnetic-connection eyewear. Easy to use, no more annoying elastic straps or cords, and you’ll never lose them, just hang them around your neck when you’re not using them.

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Gafas Seeoo Pop


Seeoo exploits all of Austria’s bespoke craftsmanship and works it into a minimalistic, modern product which boasts unrivalled practicality. Its unique style was born to redefine design. If you’re looking for a standout product, Seeoo Eyewear is without doubt one of the most modern and forward-thinking options available.

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High-performance eyewear, market leaders in polarized lens technology since 1985.  Benchmark products which use lens technology developed by NASA for protecting their satellites.

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Gafa Revo


EYESHAKER cleans the lenses and the frame and helps your sweetie look fresh again. From now on, the frame and the lenses are free of dirt and persistently groomed.

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Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley’s eyewear line adapts to every personal style with a variety of colours, patterns and designs.

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